Open Decks Brooklyn. Session #161. June 8, 2022

That night was interesting. It wasn't busy that night, but the set I've done is one of my favorites so far. It was absolutely breathtaking. It's shocking to know that it's been one year that week since my first Open Decks performance when I was in Session #111. But on midnight June 8/early morning June 9, my mixing has improved a lot and will continue to do so. It feels great to get behind the decks with slammin' dance classics! Oh, and a tidbit of that night - and a bit of a shocker, if you asked me: It was at least 6 people upstairs. No one danced thru the first 4 acts and their sets...but my set was the only one out of all that they've actually danced to.

Thank you DJ Timm Hines for capturing most of the performance. Love you, bro!

First 30 seconds of my performance

2nd half of my performance