Due to unforseen circumstances and the fact that is closing its operations on June 30th, 2023, this website, including additional ones in this host, will be moving to other website building services. I've backed up all the 4 sites (and this one) when I got the announcement. So, all is not lost. Thank you all for being with me in this journey on Bookmark. I'm very proud that I have found a new website builder to move everything, but made it a little cleaner than ever. My artist site, DJ CCTH, has been moved to You can find it at:

I have been an active member of since 2016 and explored easy options to make websites. I've started making basic websites since I was in junior high. Now at the age of 36 going on 37, I'm still trucking along. Through it all, I'm thankful that has given me the opportunity to showcase my DJ CCTH Website in 2021. When I read the email and read their article, I was so sorry that they had to close permanently. I'll admit, they have a lot of potential. Wish it would have gone a little longer, but things change, I suppose. Anyways, here's their recent article:

This important message will be up from now until goes dark. Once Bookmark shuts down permanently on June 30, 2023, it's all over. Not with a bang or a whimper, but with an error screen or a long waiting time. See you all at DJCCTH.COM! And thank you,, for your years of service. Love you all!